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ESFREE is a free portal that helps you find the product or service you want anywhere in the world, anywhere you are. ESFREE is yours.
ESFREE is a free service and no need to leave your home or work to buy online. In addition you can access other free services like discount plans.
In only 3 steps you can have your account for free. 1. Access 2. Fill in your personal information 3. Validate your email and you’re in!. Congratulations! ESFREE is yours.
Access this URL, insert your email and password. Then validate with your phone. and you can already use the platform.
It is a deposit certificate; It is available as e-voucher (online) and is totally developed and commercialized by ESFREE. The voucher is a gift with no nominal value that allows you to get benefit from financial transactions when you choose between different options displayed on the website Vouchers can be interchanged in a wide spread range of goods and services (e.g. cars shows, real state, shows, food, trips, wellness, products, services, etc ...).
Your Purchase Discount PLan is one of ESFREE services which helps you to plan your future savings. You can know more about it at the following URL: ESFREE is yours.
Access this URL and you can then buy from Amazon or wherever you want.